Recycling and waste recovery, nowa’s core values

Recycle your nowa accessory and get a 15% discount on your next purchase.

Recycling nowa products at the end of their life cycle

Make a gesture for the environment

Nowa accessories have an estimated lifespan of 2 to 4 years. Although the colour may fade slightly with normal use, the durability is guaranteed!

When your Nowa is out of use and you want to replace it, you can recycle it via our partner shops or by returning it to us by normal post.

Each of our products is printed on Tyvek, a 100% recyclable fibre, so you are making a gesture for the planet. And because recycling our products is essential to us, we reward you with a 15% discount on your new purchase. Think about it!

How to recycle your wallet or purse?

To enable the recycling of your nowa products, we offer you two options.

Option 1 : go to the store

Contact one of our partner collection points and bring your product to them for recycling. You will receive a 15% voucher for the purchase of your new nowa, to be used at the same store!

Option 2 : send it to us

Put your used product in an envelope and send it to our address. Leave us your contact information (email) and we will send you a 15% discount code on a new online purchase.

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Eco-design of our products

Did you know? By buying a nowa portfolio, you are buying sustainable products from the start. The majority of our accessories are made of Tyvek, a tear-proof and 100% recyclable fibre. Some of our products (the recup’ kits and wallets) even contain 50% recycled waste, i.e. felt recovered during music festivals. Our objective is to make the most of what already exists. Reusing one person’s waste makes another person happy.

A reduced environmental impact

Every year, this principle of reuse allows us to give a second life to a large amount of recyclable waste, thus avoiding waste and promoting sustainable development. By recovering and sorting end-of-life products, we wish to be part of the circular economy movement and thus promote green growth for our company.

At nowa, recycling is a way of life. Protecting the environment and natural resources is particularly important to us. It underpins every major phase in the life cycle of our products. And that is precisely why we make every effort to make it easier to recycle our products.