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Can I have my company logo printed on your tote bags?

Of course, our tote bags can be customized for companies that order in bulk. You can include a full color logo.

nowa tote bags, partners of your daily life

The tote bag nowa is the design and functional accessory of the moment. Resistant, original and ecological, it meets all the requirements to accompany you in your daily activities. It stands out thanks to its unique style and makes you forget your old bags and purses.

The tote bag follows you everywhere

This type of bag, made of Tyvek Soft fabric (1473R, 70gr), is reusable and recyclable. Their resistance is therefore an indispensable element. The seams are hand sewn and the nowa totes bags are extremely strong, as are their cotton handles (straps) and the tear-proof woven compartment, allowing you to carry your belongings with confidence and in the greatest comfort. Made with only one compartment, they slip into your handbag, making them very practical as shopping bags during an unexpected trip. They are reminiscent of burlap bags, while being more modern and functional, but also more trendy. Moreover, they are part of an eco-responsible approach since they are also recyclable, unlike single-use bags. Their meticulous finishes perfect their style. You will find in our selection of bag models, examples of multicolored prints. You can also customize the front of your totes bags as you wish (from a certain purchase volume), to make them unique. Thus, you display your brand image over time, on your customers’ shopping bags.

What materials are these tote bags made of?

The NOWA tote bag is equipped with natural cotton straps for your greatest comfort. Printed in Tyvek Soft (1473R, 70gr), a tear-proof material, with an eco-solvent coating.

Practical for all occasions

To go to the gym or to the market, the big jute bag is a must. For women, but also for men, these bags are used by a large public. Its resistant handles and large compartment give it an incomparable flexibility. Moreover, the woven bag is easily machine washable: you will keep your prints intact even after several washes. Foldable, it replaces bulky bags while maintaining a large main compartment. The notoriety of this type of bag is therefore not surprising since it combines the qualities of the traditional shopping bag while respecting ecological criteria, which are determining factors at the present time. The nowa bag is produced with an eco-solvent to go all the way.

A new way for companies to stand out from the crowd

Companies have understood the interest of this type of jute bag, or in our case 100% recyclable Tyvek, for their communication and advertising materials. Its eco-responsible aspect places it in the category of ecological goodies and its durability makes it part of the daily life of customers.

The budget necessary for its realization is reasonable to get your advertising messages across on an object that looks like you. You can determine the design on a large area on the front of your handbags and make them original and trendy marketing tools.

Your logo and slogan will be displayed on large bags, which customers will always have in their handbags because they are easily foldable and reusable. They will take them out on multiple occasions, which will be as many opportunities to showcase you.

The delivery time of your order depends on the print you want, the possible lining of the compartment and the complexity of the design. We can study together your expectations in order to make them coincide with your budget and to answer your request as well as possible. Contact us now for a quote.