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nowa fashion accessories aim to simplify your life, thanks to a practical, clean design and the use of ultra-light and durable material. Depending on your needs, we think we have what you need! Whether it is to accompany you in your daily life, to go to the gym, to follow you on holiday or to give as a gift! 

Receive a tree with the purchase of 100 euros of nowa products.

Delivery is free!

Since 2019, nowa delivers your orders free of charge throughout Europe. Our partner, BPOST, usually delivers within 72 hours. Even if some small mistakes can happen (this is rare), the system works quite well. The fact that the products of the nowa range are light and very compact is what makes it possible to offer you this service. Think about it! If you want a premium service, we work with DHL and can send you the product in 24 to 48 hours with tracking (10 euros). 

As a reminder, nowa accessories are recyclable.

The material we use, tyvek, is 100% recyclable, and many times over! When you change your zipcase, wallet or card holder, think about it!