Our vision of materials

To make our fashion accessories, nowa prioritizes materials with the following characteristics: 

  • Slimness: in order to enhance your comfort, we favour ultra-thin materials. 
  • Weight: We favour lightweight materials to reduce the impact of transport.
  • Distance: We do our utmost to supply in a radius as close as possible to our manufacturing workshops.
  • Printing quality: It is important for us to have materials that can be used for printing purposes. This allows us to create graphics that inspire on a daily basis.
  • Resistance: For nowa it is essential to work with materials that last. Because we are opposed to frenetic consumption. We hope you can use your product for many years, before recycling it. 
  • Recovery: as much as possible, we try to recover already used or recycled materials and incorporate them into our collections. This is not always easy, but it is already possible for some products. We hope that this will increase in the years to come.

The materials used

For nowa’s current collections, whether for our own collections or for our professional customers, we use the following materials:

  • Tyvek®: DuPont™ Tyvek® is a unique long-lasting material made by DuPont. Tyvek® is made from 100% randomly compressed, randomly arranged High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fibers to form a remarkably strong substrate ideal for applications where durability & and tear resistance are of vital importance. Tyvek® material resists repeated bending and folding without tearing. We have developed a strong expertise in printing Tyvek® over the years. This material is also tear-resistant, waterproof and above all 100% recyclable.
  • Felt, a fibre used at events, is made of polyester and is often discarded at the end of the event. Over the last few years, nowa has recovered a certain amount of it via the Esperanzah festival or the rtbf. And we use them, after cleaning and re-cutting, in the lining to create a useful thickness for the design of these products. 

Our wish, by the end of 2021, is to aim for 100% recycled, organic or recovered products, in order to minimize our ecological impact linked to the production of our collections.