Selling nowa in your store?

You share our values and would like to offer our collections to your customers? No problem! nowa wants to offer its customers quality points of sale, shops where service is a real added value. We voluntarily limit the number of our partner stores

in order to guarantee a certain geographical exclusivity. We are committed to helping you run your business, so please contact us to start a partnership that we hope will be long term!

Your advantages

  • Geographical exclusivity and visibility on our store locator
  • Implementation of a loyalty plan thanks to the recycling of user products (see ‘recycling’)
  • Provision of promotional material (stickers, postcards, packaging)
  • Display left in deposit

How to place your first order?

  • Contactez Angie by email or phone.
  • We will then give you a ‘partner store’ access. Thanks to your password, you will be able to order directly online, and have your order delivered within 48 hours.