Tyvek nowa’s Wallet

With nowa, no more bulky wallet!

In this section you will find nice and original wallets for men and women. There really is something for everyone! Treat yourself directly to the model of your choice.

A light wallet format adapted to your needs

Tired of your big, hard leather wallet that you have to put in the back pocket of your jeans or in your handbag? Would you like a clever little format that will allow you to have everything at hand without taking up too much space? Thanks to Tyvek, our wallets are thin enough that you can carry them in your front pocket. They are super light but still very strong thanks to the hand-made seams and finishes. You will be able to put up to 16 bank and credit cards and its two-part compartment will allow you to separate your bills and receipts to store them as efficiently as possible.

For your convenience, we have a wide selection of wallets for both men and women. All you have to do is slip it into the front pocket of your pants. As far as your coins are concerned, we have planned everything with a purse wallet (in the form of origami).

An ecological, resistant and waterproof wallet

Ecological and resistant, the different models are particularly designed and of high quality to insert your money, identity papers, loyalty cards, business cards, bank cards… In short, everything that a wallet contains on a daily basis. You can choose among different sizes available with a clasp or a slot and just have to store your ID papers and your money safely.

The Tyvek wallet is an indispensable accessory to assert your style. To find yours, we offer many original, chic and elegant models. Classic or in compact format and with different colors, they will please young and old alike. It’s true that it’s not always easy to choose from our wide selection of wallets. But your nowa will quickly become your ideal companion and will follow you on your many trips, whether it’s simple or colorful.

A recyclable wallet

It is also important to know that our selection of products is made from recyclable materials, resulting in a Tyvek portfolio that is both functional and trendy. Your nowa is not only a fashion accessory but also a way to adopt a responsible consumption habit by turning to a recyclable product.

No matter what your requirements are in terms of material and quality, our range is absolutely complete with an irreproachable finish to suit your desires and your budget.

Very quickly, your nowa accessory will become an essential part of your style. You will have a neat appearance that you can match directly with the rest of your clothing. With a reminder, for example in the shoes or belt for the colors.

nowa, a responsible brand

nowa is a Belgian brand that reconciles fashion and recycling. Whether it’s a wallet, a passport holder, a zippered case, a pocket, a card holder or a purse, we believe that everyone has the right to choose an accessory and change it according to their desires, without having to create new waste. From the design stage of our fashion accessories, we are therefore careful to anticipate the end of the product’s life and its recycling.