Zero waste advertising:
go eco-design!

Upcycling: reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability

Have you ever thought of creating a communication medium that would incorporate a sustainable life cycle that is more eco-friendly? With nowa, it’s possible! nowa advises you and develops with you an efficient communication action, while limiting, or even eliminating waste. Better still, by valorizing the material of your poster campaign or your event, you can even recoup your costs by selling or offering the new products thus created. That’s what upcycling is all about! Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed!

Integrating the environment from the design phase

In recent years, we have received many requests from companies and organisations who wish to integrate an environmental dimension into their communications by transforming their advertising waste.

Recycling a product at the end of its life is obviously an approach that we can only encourage. But not sure if it is the best way to reduce your environmental footprint.

Today, in fact, the objective is to go further, by integrating the recyclability of your communication media from the very beginning of your project. This is what we call eco-design. To avoid ending up with a material you don’t know what to do with or whose recycling is impossible, it’s better to anticipate!

nowa accompanies you in the design of ecological and sustainable products

In collaboration with SCHMITZ PRINTING, we have decided to offer specialised support to anticipate this type of demand, placing sustainable development and respect for the environment at the centre of your advertising project.

In short: as usual, you prepare your advertising campaign, but you integrate the environmental impact of it into your thinking, by preparing the reconversion of the media created. In this way, you avoid creating materials that remain abandoned somewhere for years.

Steps: how does it work?

  • Ecodesign : defining your campaign by taking into account environmental issues.
  • Printing : at Schmitz in Ciney
  • Logistics : together, we think about the best organisation of transport to limit unnecessary journeys.
  • Launch of your campaign.
  • End of the campaign : we organise the collection of the advertising material and then cut it up again.
  • Manufacturing of fashion accessories (in Belgium, with nowa), based on the recovered media. The surplus is recycled.
  • Delivery of your upcycled accessories and closing of the project.
  • Communication about the project and its ecobalance (environmental impact assessment).

Case studies

A team at your service!

Need help developing guidelines for your green communication project? Designing sustainable and recyclable products is our hobby. Contact us and let’s talk about it together.