Men’s nowa wallet

The nowa range of wallets has also been designed for men!
This section lists the portfolios in our range, which have been ideally designed for men. Indeed, few people own a handbag in which to store their everyday objects such as keys, cell phone or … their wallet, of course!
nowa has thought of all this when designing its elegant wallets, purses, cardholders and cases. This is one of the reasons why our products are ultra flat. No more jeans with holes in them and no more of our ills caused by large wallets in trouser pockets. These are problems from the past, when “men’s wallet” rhymed with “big leather wallet”. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to carry countless cards and documents with you at all times.

The nowa brand wallet has several compartments to store everything you need: credit cards, identification documents, driver’s license, etc. Of course, it also has a compartment for storing your money in the form of banknotes. For all your additional storage needs (for coins, for example), the nowa range of accessories also includes wallets, card holders (for some bank cards and loyalty cards) and kits, which are also extra flat.

What makes our products so small and handy is the material used to make them: Tyvek! Thanks to this material, nowa is able to offer you products that are both very thin and super resistant. Unlike leather, imitation leather and polyester wallets, Tyvek is waterproof, strong and durable because it is 100% recyclable. In this way, the quality of the wallet is always assured.

Modern and original designs

Our portfolios adapt to the current needs of people by saving them a maximum of space and allowing them to have their main documents always at hand.
Practical, they are also real fashion accessories. Indeed, nowa has partnered with highly talented artists for the design of its portfolios. Colored or monochrome, classic or completely crazy, there is only the embarrassment of choice because our range is adapted to all the current men’s fashion trends.

You want a multicolored wallet? Perrine Honoré’s prints are made for you! You prefer a rather minimalist style? You will find your happiness in our “classic” collection. Sober and chic, our men’s wallets are adapted to each of your tastes and personality.

An ideal gift for Father’s Day

No more searching for an original gift idea for Father’s Day. Practical, sober and elegant at the same time, the nowa wallet is the essential accessory to offer to a man for a celebration such as Father’s Day.

Its slim format allows you to store the bare minimum in its different places without taking up space. This makes it easy for a man to keep his money and credit cards discreetly and securely in the pocket of a jacket, for example.

By offering a nowa wallet, you are sure to hit the bull’s eye with a gift that is both a fashion accessory and a functional object that will last over time because of its sturdiness. It is available in different colors and prints to perfectly match men’s tastes.

Feel free to browse through our collection of men’s wallets as well as all the other products in the nowa range.