The nowa Move: your tyvek card holder

Do you want to be fashionable while remaining eco-friendly? Do you dream of accessories as light as paper? Look no further, nowa is made for you. Coming straight from Belgium, our company specializes in fashion accessories (men’s and women’s wallets, compact cases, purses…). nowa, which literally means not a wallet, is a concept that is as eco-friendly as it is avant-garde. Zoom on the card holders named nowa Move.
A compact and innovative card holder

The nowa Move is the flagship product in our range of compact utlra card holders. Its strength lies in its functionality and design. It fits in the palm of one hand and its small size makes it easy to store not only your bank cards, but also your tickets, receipts and subway tickets. The front panel is barely larger than your credit cards (9.5 cm high by 7 cm wide) and closes in a single gesture to protect its contents. Here again, it is an innovative and clever concept, the press lock, which allows the upper part to fold down by simply pressing velcro.

The back of the nowa Move offers additional storage space with a practical slot for the card you use most often (your travel ticket, payment card or ID, for example). The nowa Move can be folded, twisted, stretched and used without limit. Thanks to its numerous compartments and slots, its smart storage system allows you to store up to 8 cards, keeping a thin and light product that is easy to carry in the back pocket of your jeans (for men) or the pocket of your handbag (for women).

An environmentally friendly accessory

With the nowa bank card holder in tyvek, you won’t feel guilty about changing your style as much as your shirt. Our zero-waste policy allows you to change accessories, even if its life expectancy is estimated at 2-4 years due to the quality of its finishes.

You can therefore equip yourself according to your mood, while respecting the environment. Thanks to its numerous collaborations, the nowa accessory is constantly renewing itself by regularly proposing new models, while remaining sober.

Fashion 2.0 is a fashion that respects nature and offers design and sustainable products. Our credit card holder is proudly worn by the man or woman who now uses his or her appearance to express himself or herself, while defending honorable values. You can make a cross on your old-fashioned wallet design to make room for the new generation wallet. Also, and even if wear and tear of the accessory is inevitable, you know that instead of being destroyed and polluting, your nowa will be recycled to live in someone else’s pockets and bags!

Tyvek: a 100% recyclable material

Our trademark? Accessories whose patterns are printed on a recyclable fiber: tyvek. Waterproof, tear-proof and ultra-resistant, your nowa will not let you down. Ideal for storing your credit cards, loyalty cards, business cards and even your ID card, you will be seduced by its design as sober as original. Flexible and discreet, the revolutionary efficiency of recyclable tyvek will seduce both men and women.

Whatever the design you choose, you will keep all your bank cards at hand thanks to our compact range. Indeed, the nowa is as thin as a sheet of paper. Available in different colors and patterns, there is something for every taste: it is the ideal accessory for this summer, for you or to offer to your man (or woman). Flowery, multicolored, in a dark or colorful … Your card holder will never look like you.